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This Ward Finder shows your current ward. Wards across Bristol will change for local elections on 5 May 2016. To find your new ward please go to www.bristol.gov.uk/findyourward2016
What is a ward?

A ward is a section of the city that has been established for electoral purposes. There are currently 35 of them in Bristol. Each ward is split up into polling districts each with its own polling station. Each ward has two electoral representatives, known as Councillors, who represent the interests of residents of the ward.

The addresses and post codes are from the Bristol City Council Electoral Registration system. Therefore, this is not a comprehensive list (for example some business addresses are not included).

There are three ways to find information about a ward. The following options are listed in order of the speed of the search (fastest first).
  1. If you already know your ward select the 'By Ward' link above and select the ward from the drop down list.
  2. To search by postcode select the 'By Postcode' link above and entering your full postcode into the text box and click the 'Go' button.
  3. Alternatively, you can search by house name or street, click on the 'By Address' link above. You must enter a minimum of three letters when using these options. Typing HIG into the Street box will show a list of all the streets that begin with HIG. Please note that abbreviations in road names is not supported (i.e. 'ALMA RD' will not work but 'ALMA ROAD' will). Additionally you can enter the house number when searching by street. This will produce a more compact list. The house name box should be used if you want to search by the name of your house or building. It is not necessary to enter any other details with this option.

If a postcode or address search displays more than one ward and you want to find out which ward your address is in use the 'By Address' search and enter the house number and street.

You can also find information about the Lower Level Super Output Areas (LSOAs) within Bristol City Council Ward Boundaries.

LSOAs are referred to in a number of different ways. Each LSOA has a code (eg E01014485), an ONS name (eg Bristol 023A) assigned by the Office for National Statistics and a local name (eg Mina Road) assigned by Bristol City Council and partners. This table will enable you to make links between these different codes/names and also which ward the LSOA falls within.
View all Lower Level Super Output Areas within Bristol City Council Ward Boundaries

Alternatively if you want to find out which LSOA a postcode belongs to use the postcode search.

DISCLAIMER: Bristol City Council endeavours to supply full and accurate information on the events and venues listed. However it cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies and any inconvenience this may cause. It should also be noted that the lists of leisure facilities are those held by the council and therefore are not necessarily a comprehensive list.