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Bristol City Council Election Results for 20 May 2004
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Ward Detail
Ward detail chart Lawrence Hill Vacant Seats: 1, Electorate: 8318, Ballot Papers: 2338, Spoilt Papers: 8, Turnout: 28.11%.
Candidate Party Votes %
Susan Rosemary (commonly known as Sue) O'Donnell Liberal Democrat Focus   961 41.24
Diane Elizabeth Bunyan The Labour Party Candidate   879 37.73
Seva Singh The Conservative Party   148 6.35
Michael Crawford Green Party   127 5.45
Julien George Weston Bristolian   127 5.45
Ilse Elisabeth Temple UK Independence Party   88 3.78

NB Percentages are calculated against the number of votes cast and are rounded to two decimal places.

Previously contested on 1 May 2003